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Damascene. A tale for computer and compasses

Original title: Damaskin. Priča za kompjuter i šestar

Basic book data


Translated into various languages within different selections of stories (Russian, Bulgarian,…)

First edition: 1998, internet edition


Damascene. A tale for computer and compasses (internet edition)
Enterzone –, 1998.


Overview – Milorad Pavić

An interactive (nonlinear) tale for computer and compasses. It was written for the computer and branches out in reading so you can form your own map for navigation through the story and choose your own ending. In the middle the story has a crossroads and divides into two interchangeable chapters, so the reader can choose his own path. The reader can also choose one of the two, also interchangeable, endings to the tale.

The American online magazine that published my story, Damascene, included animated illustrations in the text: ( The Serbian version of Damascene can be found at: