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On the occasion of the 95th anniversary of his birth, 15 years since the death of Milorad Pavić, as well as 40 years since the publication of the "Dictionary of the Khazars", on Monday, April 22, at 1 p.m., in the Organization of the Cultural Centre of Vojvodina "Miloš Crnjanski" and the Belgrade City Library, in the Cultural Center of Vojvodina "Miloš Crnjanski" (Vojvode Putnik 2), the exhibition "Pavić: from Š š do A" will be opened, after which the promotion of the first three volumes of "Literary and Historical and Essayworks of Milorad Pavić" will be held. The audience will have the opportunity to see a digitized manuscript of the entire "Dictionary of the Khazars", as well as listen to music that Pavić listened to while writing.

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