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Milorad Pavić’s eBooks

24. October 2010. On September 2010, „Kindle editions“ (Kindle Edition) Library on website, published three e-books of Milorad Pavic in English: The Second body, Unique Item and Blue Book (100 different endings of the novel Unique Item).

Pavic is the first Serbian writer whose e-titles took their place in this virtual library with more than 490,000 titles. At the same time Milorad Pavic is a writer who supported internet and electronic form of publishing, for almost a decade. Kindle reader is lighter than a mobile phone, it can fit about 35,000 books, wireless download of individual titles takes about a minute, is easy to handle, has the option for changing the font type and size, the screen has no reflection, and the whole device has a thickness of 3mm and it’s about medium-sized book.