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M Pavic 26 09 2022 001a

A new edition of Milorad Pavic's Dictionary of the Khazars has come out in Shanghai. It's the fourth edition of this Chinese-language novel.

As usual, Shanghai Translation Publishing House prints the book in a luxurious, plain binding and electronic form.

The luxury edition is in a box, and the book itself is enriched with illustrations by Bulgarian artist Yassen Panov and pop-up charts by Serbian artist Andjela Srejic, inspired by the image of Princess Ateh.

So far, the Chinese publishing house has printed except for Dictionary of the Khazars  and Pavic's book  Last Love in Constantinopol and Second Body.

Let's remember, Dictionary of the Khazars was named Foreign Book of the Year in China in 2012.

Pavić's books have so far been translated into 40 languages. The only language in which Pavić has not been translated so far is Arabic.




M Pavic 30 05 2022 0002

The capital edition of Milorad Pavic – All Stories appeared in the edition of "Vulcan". Foreword was written by Goran Petrovic.

The editorial board of "Vulcan" has created an interesting video where it says : Finally you have the opportunity to see what the process of the creation of the book looks like – from the preparation of the text to the press itself.



M Pavic 30 05 2022 0003

"Sumatra" featured poetry by Milorad Pavic – Palimpsesti. The first edition of this Pavic poetic collection was back in 1967.

This time the Question was written by Milan Gromovic.

20 03 2022 00001

Milorad Pavic's longtime Spanish-Mexican publisher Sexto piso published a selection of twenty-five stories titled "Poison Mirrors". The foreword was written at the suggestion of the publisher by our own Goran Petrovic. The book is designed top-notch.

Japanese publisher Shoraisha published Pavic's stories in Tokyo under the title "Sixteen Dream Stories".

The young Serbian publisher, Sumatra, decided to publish Pavic's chain novel "Seven Deadly Sins", which takes place on the Sava Slope in Belgrade and for which the author received the Andric Award.

Soon Serbian Vulcan willissue a capital one-to-one piece -Milorad Pavic's "All Stories". The book should be accompanied by the aforementioned Goran Petrovic's foreword, finally in Serbian.

25 12 2021 001

Milorad Pavić je još 1992. godine zaveštao svoj Legat Gradu Beogradu. Od 2019. je rađeno na reviziji Ugovora iz 1992, jer je vreme pokazalo da je potrebno institucionalno i operativno staranje, te je Sekretarijat za kulturu grada Beograda organizovao rad na stručnom popisivanju građe (biblioteka, arhiva, umetnine), koje je rezultiralo decembra 2021. potpisivanjem revidiranog Ugovora između Grada Beograda (gradonačelnik Zoran Radojičić), Jasmine Mihajlović (supruga), Ivana Pavića (sin) i Biblioteke grada Beograda (direktorka Jasmina Ninkov).