Milorad Pavić and Jasmina Mihajlović in Georgia and Azerbaijan


At the end of May, Jasmina Mihajlović spent five days in the capital of Georgia – Tbilisi, on the invitation of the Intelekti publishing house, which has started a project Pavić in Georgian within which it has published seven books, primarily reissues of Milorad Pavić's books, as well as Jasmina Mihajlović's book, ''On the Shores of the Khazar Sea''. Following novels were published: ''Dictionary of the Khazars'', ''Unique Item'', ''Second Body'', ''A Landscape Painted with Tea'', ''Last Love in Constantinople'', ''Seven Deadly Sins'', and soon ''The Inner Side of the Wind'' and ''A Short History of Belgrade'' will be published. Thirteen people – translators, editors, designers - have been involved in this publishing project. The editor in chief of the project Pavić in Georgian is a renowned Georgian writer and winner of many awards, Zviad Kvaratshelia.


Literary Evening on Pavić in Argentina

A literary evening on the prose of Milorad Pavić and Dino Buzzati was held in the National Library of Buenos Aires.
The lecture was dedicated to literary fantasy and world. Professor Aleksandar Jerkov and Ksenija Vulović were Serbian representatives, while Osvaldo Gallone was Argentinian representative. 


''On the Shores of the Khazar Sea'' in Azerbaijan. Chinese international radio GB Times on literary couple Pavić – Mihajlović. Jasmina Mihajlović's interview for ''Newsweek''

Jasmina Mihajlović's autobiographical prose ''On the Shores of the Khazar Sea'' (Laguna) was published in Azeri  (Ajnur Tabrizli's translation). The publisher is the Translation Center under the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan.

„Xəzər dənizinin sahillərində“ is nicely and carefully designed book, with photographs of J. Mihajlović and M. Pavić. At the very end there is a photograph of Pavić'a monument in Belgrade park Tašmajdan, which Azerbaijan has built and gifted to the writer's home town – Belgrade.


Milorad Pavić and Jasmina Mihajlović in Serbia and worldwide

Jasmina Mihajlović’s autobiographical travel book ’’On the Shores of the Khazar Sea’’ (Laguna, 2014) will be published in Baku, in Azeri, then in Georgia, in Georgian,where the author will be the special guest of the Tbilisi Book Fair in May. The Russian translation of her book will be published by ’’Amfora’’, from Saint Petersburg.

The December issue of the luxurious Azerbaijani literary magazine ’’Kitabči’' (''The Book Shop'') had the photo of Milorad Pavić and Jasmina Mihajlović on its cover, while in the magazine eight pages were dedicated to this literary pair and their prose. Along with the interview given to Azeri writer Selim Babuloglu there were excerpts from ''On the Shores of the Khazar Sea''.