Books About Pavić’s Fiction

1. Mihajlović, Jasmina. Prilog za bibliografiju Milorada Pavića, Beograd, Prosveta, 1991, str. 231-305. (published separately and as part of a book: „Anahoret u Njujorku“ in Sabrana dela, Beograd, Prosveta, 1990). (Content: list of all works by M. Pavic - belles-lettres, translations of literary, scientific and theoretical works, chronological bibliography of literary works published in newspapers and magazines and collected works 1964-1990, chronologically arranged literature on M. Pavic 1952-1990)


What The Reviews Say

In his fatherland Pavić was accepted in the best way from the very moment he published Dictionary of the Khazars. The first review of that „book of the future“ anticipated a lot of things critic will have later to say: „This wonder of a book is at one and the same time a novel, a collection of stories, a book of verse, a historical study, a cabalistic handbook, in short – absolute literature“ (Raša Livada).


Pavic and Postmodern Literature

  1. Kordić, Radoman. Postmodernistička ukrštenica. Milorad Pavić: Predeo slikan čajem i Hazarski rečnik, Književna kritika, Beograd, mart-april 1989, XX, 2, str. 69-85.
  2. Kordić, Radoman. Postmodernistička ukrštenica. Milorad Pavić: Predeo slikan čajem i Hazarski rečnik / A Post-Modernist Crossword. Milorad Pavić: Landscape Painted With Tea and Dictionary of the Khazars, Književna kritika, Beograd, March-April 1989, XX, 2, pp. 69-85.

Milorad Pavic and Hyperfiction

by Jasmina Mihajlović

Robert Coover, well-known American writer and Professor at Brown University (New York), in his text The End of Books (The New York Times, June 21,1992) which may be called programmatic in a specific way, as well as in his larger article entitled Hyperficion – Novels for the Computer (The New York Times, August 29,1993) speaks about a phenomenon which appeared in America inside post modernism and spread in Europe and Japan.


Special Magazine Editions

  1. Književnost / Literature, Beograd, November 1988, 11. (The Biography of M. Pavic, written by Radovan Popović: Da li pisac Hazarskog rečnika postoji? / Does the author of „Dictionary of the Khazars“ really exist?; as well as articles by the following authors: Predrag Palavestra, Pavle Zorić, Draško Redjep, Sava Babić, Mladen Srdjan Volarević, Boris Grojs).