HR 2017 Dereta aThe publishing house Dereta has released the first illustrated edition of the Milorad Pavic’s Dictionary of the Khazars in English. The author of illustrations is famous Bulgarian artist Yasen Panov.

These detailed and luxurious drawings that Panov created, was inspired by the book over the past twenty years. The original bibliophilic edition in Bulgarian made on large-format sheets placed in a metal box with a cover made of cast glass was presented to the audience two years ago in Sofia.


Milorad Pavić's Bequest

Milorad Pavić's Bequest was established in 1992 by Belgrade City Assembly. It is situated in Belgrade, Dorćol quarter, in a home where Pavić lived with his wife Jasmina Mihajlović, also a writer. According to the contract and the Probate Decision, after his demise (2009), the legal guardians of the Bequest except the City Assembly, became Jasmina Mihajlović who will live in Bequest until her death and also Ivan Pavić – a painter, the son of a writer. After that, the ownership of the Bequest will be taken over by the City of Belgrade.


Albania, Korea, France, Japan

Jasmina Mihajlović gave an exclusive interview regarding the Albanian edition of Pavić's novel The Landscape Painted with Tea (Ben Andoni's translation) that was published by ''Albas''. Named Serbia and Albania learnt during socialism to nurture the culture of oblivion, the conversation with Jasmina Mihajlović was published in the magazine ''Milosao''.


The memorial bust of Milorad Pavić

In Belgrade, on the 24th of November, 2015, the memorial bust of Milorad Pavić was revealed on the building where he lived and where his Bequest is located. The bust and a memorial, which was made by a Russian sculptor Gregory Potocky, is a replica of the monument which is located in Moscow, in the Alley of the Greats (atrium of the Library for Foreign Literature),  made by the same sculptor and placed there in 2009, when the writer was still alive.